Cheyenne Middle School


Cheyenne’s Middle School is a high school preparatory program. Cheyenne provides students in grades 6-8 with an advanced curriculum including six core courses and one elective period. Students have opportunities in Art, Music, Band, Physical Education, as well as competitive sports and clubs. Cheyenne Middle school (Grades 6-8) population is roughly 350 students. Cheyenne Traditional School K-8 has an elevated grading scale: 93%-100%= A, 84%-92%= B, 72%-83%= C, 60%-71%= D.


How does Cheyenne’s Middle School differ from all other SUSD Middle Schools?

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*Cheyenne’s Specials are offered once per week on a 6 day rotation.

Note: Humanities and Language Arts are (2) SEPARATE 40 MINUTE CLASSES at Cheyenne Traditional School, whereas at most schools they are offered as one class.


Why is this important?
It is important because the students achieve a greater proficiency in their writing skills, which leads to better comprehension of reading and further improves knowledge of literature and also reading ability. Language Arts is the writing and grammar component in which the students learn about sentence diagramming, spelling and writing skills. Humanities is the reading component in which the children do their literary studies, book report, and Latin root studies. The content of these classes is too much for the students to cover in one 40 minutes class.


Middle School Curriculum & More
Get more information on the Middle School Curriculum and other activities at Cheyenne Traditional School.

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