Middle School Events

6th, 7th & 8th Grade
Awards will be given to those students who have achieved:
Honor Roll: 3.5 GPA in all academic classes AND a B average in all special area classes.
Principal’s List: 3.8 GPA in all academic classes AND a B average in all special area classes.
Principal’s List with Distinction: 4.0 GPA in all academic classes AND an A average in all special area classes.
(To qualify for these awards the students may not receive an N or U conduct grade in any class)


6th Grade
On Greek Day, the students will be transported back in time by being provided chitons, a form of draped Greek dress, and grouped into city states (by homeroom) representing Athens, Thebes, Sparta and Delphi.

The city states will travel around to stations in the morning experiencing theater, Greek food, dancing and the Archimedes principle. They will also craft an olive wreath, shield and bracelet.

After lunch, the festivities continue with Olympic Games where city states compete for points and best sportsmanship, culminating in a closing ceremony with a medal presentation.


6th, 7th & 8th Grade
News Crew and Tech crew bring the CTS morning news Monday through Friday to the school! The CTS news is shown daily from 7:45am-8:00am. Student needs to have their teacher’s signature & recommendation in order to participate.

There are 2 news anchors and 3 students on the Tech crew. The News crew announces for 2 weeks and the Tech crew for a trimester. Tech crew members arrive at 7:20am and the news crew arrives at 7:25am. Students may sign up anytime during the school year.


6th, 7th & 8th Grade
Clip Club is a video making club that is student lead. Students act as script writers, camera operator, actors, and editors. All videos are made to show the CTS Way in different areas of our school campus. Once they are completed and edited, they are shown on the school news. Members meet every Thursday after school, and the club has a maximum of 20 members.



  • 6th & 7th Grade “Movin On Up” Dance (hosted by the 7th grade class). The Movin On Up Dance is an evening dance held in the Cheyenne Cafe. Each year there is a new theme. DJ, casual attire.
  • 7th & 8th Grade “Have a Heart” Dance (hosted by NJHS- *profits go to the Roadrunner School). The “Have a Heart” Dance is an evening dance held in the Cheyenne Cafe. Raffle items, DJ, dressy attire.
  • 8th Grade “Celebration Graduation Dance” (hosted by the 8th grade graduating class). The celebration dance is an evening celebration for the 8th grade graduates. Each year the graduating class chooses their graduation theme. The dance is then organized by the 8th grade graduation committee, which is comprised of 8th grade parents.
  • 8th Grade Graduation (hosted by the 8th grade graduating class). Graduation takes place on the last day of school in the Cheyenne cafeteria. Families are invited to participate in this special celebration. Dressy attire.

*Roadrunner School in Paradise Valley (3540 E. Cholla) is a school whose students are severely emotionally disabled or learning disabled. These conditions stem from various physical or environmental causes, and the students are placed at Roadrunner when no other option is reasonable for their schooling.

This small school (around 140 in K-12) has been neglected in the sense that it struggles constantly for adequate funding. Most of Roadrunner’s funds go to meet federal requirements for services such as staff, aides, or intervention specialists. The school depends heavily on the generosity of outside benefactors to provide programs normally funded by well-supported PTO organizations.

Many of Roadrunner’s students come from poor or homeless families who struggle from day to day. Other students live in group homes or are in foster care. In many cases, there is a lack of parenting skills and role models. Roadrunner School strives to fill these voids in the students’ lives, and Cheyenne NJHS is reaching out to help fill that need. Please help NJHS reach out to provide for “sister” Roadrunner school.