Social Studies

6th Grade
The 6th grade social studies textbook is Journey Across Time. Emphasis in 6th grade social studies is placed on a global study of Pre-History through the Fall of Rome. A balance of history and geography will both be covered. Civilizations studied will included Egypt, India, China, Japan, Greece, and Rome. The interrelationships of history geography, citizenship, humanities, and current events are emphasized.


7th Grade
The 7th grade social studies textbook is Creating America. The 7th grade curriculum is a historical study of American history from American society in the 1800’s through Pearl Harbor. Units of study include the Westward Movement, Arizona’s path to statehood, the Civil War, Industrialization in the U.S./World, WWI/WW2, and the Great Depression. These areas of study will be integrated naturally with geography and global history, and current events.


8th Grade
The 8th grade social studies curriculum focuses on the study of United States history, geography, and the United States/Arizona government. Citizenship and current events are strongly emphasized, and the Constitution is a major focus of study. The course begins with a review of early US history from the Revolutionary War through the Reconstruction. The year ends with an introduction to the time periods from the turn of the century to the present.