Spanish is a REQUIRED CORE class for 6th, 7th & 8th grade students. *High school credit course

Research of possible foreign language offerings at Cheyenne reveals that the current Spanish program in place for 6th, 7th and 8th graders is the strongest choice for our campus.

  • Spanish is mandatory for grades 6, 7 & 8 and is taught alongside Latin Roots in Humanities classes.
  • Most, but not all high schools, offer foreign languages other than Spanish; all, even private schools, offer Spanish.
  • Spanish is completely pertinent to jobs in the Southwest as well as in the global community.
  • The SAT/ACT college entrance exams are both highly Latin-based in vocabulary testing, and Latin roots are even more common in Spanish (around 80%) than in English (64%). Those who take Latin-based languages have a definite advantage on these tests.
  • Most medical/scientific terms are based on Latin, and therefore students who have studied Latin-based languages have a marked advantage in these classes and especially in AP and Honors sciences.


6th Grade Spanish is an Exploratory Spanish class in which students learn basic vocabulary and grammar. This is the year for students to build the foundation of their Spanish learning. Students explore the language with projects and songs, and learn about the culture of the Spanish speaking world. Students are able to read and write short paragraphs in Spanish as well as communicate orally in the target language.


7th Grade Spanish builds upon the vocabulary and grammar that was presented in sixth grade. In seventh grade, students complete the first half of the Spanish level 1 curriculum. Units one through four are covered during the seventh grade school year.


8th Grade Spanish includes the remainder of the Spanish level 1 curriculum with what was learned in sixth and seventh grade. Units five through eight are taught.


*Students may receive one high school credit towards graduation upon the successful completion of the entire course. Students leaving Cheyenne are highly prepared for the Level 2 course in all high schools. Due to the extensive program offered at our campus, a large percentage of students are placed in Honors Spanish Level 2 or higher at high schools where it is offered.