Cheyenne Traditional School uses the Spalding Method as the basis for all instruction in literacy in grades K – 5. Research on learning to read tells us that reading is a complex process. Research also tells us that children of all ages need systematic and explicit instruction in the core elements and processes of reading to help them develop and use their skills efficiently and accurately.

The Spalding Method teaches precise speech, legible handwriting, correct spelling, fluent accurate reading and involvement of learning and thinking processes to understand what has been read. Reading instruction is divided into three strands: literary appreciation, text structure, and comprehension—both listening and reading.  A strong emphasis on grammar, both oral and written, will be stressed.  The Spalding mission is to develop skilled readers, critical listeners, accomplished speakers, spellers, writers, and lifelong learners.

Below are the rules and markings that our students are responsible for learning. Click here to download this as a PDF. Spalding Rules/Markings >

Our students also learn the phonograms starting in Kindergarten and are tested on them weekly. Every Kindergarten is given a set of phonogram cards, but if you would like to purchase a second set or if your child is in an older grade, they too will need to study phonograms for weekly tests. You can purchase phonogram cards, CD’s and DVD’s in the CTS online Store. Visit the CTS Store >

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