The CTS Way

Cheyenne Traditional School has implemented a Positive Behavioral Intervention System (PBIS) that aligns with the Scottsdale Unified School district’s model. Students will have an opportunity to receive a “CTS Way” ticket from their teachers, aides and administration for demonstrating the three pillars of Cheyenne (Commitment, Think Safe and Show respect). We are looking for students who perform these deeds on their own without having to be asked.

Students will receive a ticket filled out by the person who saw them perform the good deed. The ticket is put into the student’s grade level raffle box located in the cafeteria for a weekly drawing. Prizes include but are not limited to gift certificates and restaurant/store discounts.

At the end of the month, all the tickets will be put into a larger container and a monthly winner will be picked.

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What is PBIS?

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), an evidence-based framework for developing positive behavior, is used in schools nationwide to create a positive climate for learning. These strategies were developed by elementary classroom teachers and school leaders.  The premise of PBIS is that continual teaching, modeling, and reinforcing of positive behavior will support children’s positive behaviors, reduce discipline problems, and promote a climate of greater productivity, safety, and learning.

The Way PBIS is implemented:

Use positive strategies

 PBIS uses positive strategies to help children develop desired behaviors. PBIS recognizes that punitive or “get tough” strategies can be counterproductive and are harmful to children.

Establish a positive environment
 PBIS  focuses on changing children’s environment in ways that support positive behavior and discourage negative behavior.

Teach skills
PBIS recognizes that if we want children to meet behavior expectations, we have to take deliberate steps to teach them how. 

Reinforce positive behavior
 PBIS  recognizes the importance of continuously reinforcing positive behavior once children have been taught how to behave positively.

Respond to inappropriate behavior
PBIS  emphasizes having a system for responding immediately and consistently to children’s inappropriate behavior.