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Why join the PTO and DONATE to the membership drive?

By joining the PTO you will have access to our weekly newsletter, which provides a wealth of information about news, events and activities as well as our PTO directory app. Also, by donating to the PTO you are helping our students, teachers and staff and continuing to improve our campus.

As a reminder, your PTO membership is annual, so it must be renewed every year!

Please know 100% of YOUR dollars donated to the PTO Membership Drive go directly into our curriculum, technology and programs at Cheyenne. This drive supports things like… Kindergarten letter books, Spalding phonogram cards, grade level reading books, Scholastic news magazines, classroom supplies, student planners, 5 – 8th grade grammar workbooks, middle school Spanish workbooks, Spelling City, typing club, Chrome book computer carts, many student programs, campus improvements and much more.

Support Cheyenne and DONATE TODAY!


How to join the PTO?

If you are a NEW Cheyenne family and have NOT set up your account, you will be receiving an email the week of July 10th, inviting you set up your account. Once you’ve received the email simply click on the link in this email, then follow the instructions to set up your account and JOIN THE PTO! 

If you are a CURRENT Cheyenne family and have your account set up, please complete the THREE EASY STEPS outlined below to update your account information and join the PTO:

–  STEP 1:  
Log into your PTO account. Click HERE

–  STEP 2:
From the pull-down menu that says, “What would you like to do?” select UPDATE MY INFORMATION.
Review and complete all of your personal information. This step makes future forms easy to fill out since the system will auto-populate your personal information directly into the form.

–  STEP 3:
Become a PTO member for the 2017-18 school year, by selecting DONATE TO PTO from the same pull-down menu described above. Click on the “Join Now” option under your membership history. (This can be found under the column titled “ACTIONS”.) Then follow the simple instructions to JOIN the PTO. 


100% of your PTO membership donation goes directly back into our school!


If you have any questions, please contact us at

17:18 membership levels