Site Council


The role of Site Council
Site Council includes representatives from Cheyenne administration, teachers, staff and elected parents. Site Council shall provide input for the creation of curricular and instructional strategies and enrichment that meet the unique learning needs of the students served at Cheyenne and promote the District mission and goal statements, as they relate to Cheyenne. Site Based Shared Decision Making (SBSDM) is a blend of site based management and shared decision-making, a process by which individuals affected by and responsible for implementing the decisions share in making the decisions. Site Council also plans and votes to approve the use of Tax Credit dollars under State outlined qualifications.


Throughout the year, if you have suggestions for topics to add to the Site Council meeting agendas, please send those to Chris Despins >


Cheyenne Site Council Members for 2015-2016:
Grace Stombres – Administrator/Principal
Robert Akhbari – Administrator/Assistant Principal
Chris Despins – Classified Staff Member
Colleen Murphy – Middle School Teacher Representative
Christen Anderson –Elementary Teacher Representative
Gina Morgan – Specials Program Teacher Representative
Sheila Donovan – Parent/Community Representative
Mike Norton – Parent Representative
Kathleen Baldus – PTO Representative